The Conquistabores Episode X: Invasion

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  • Song Name: Episode X - Invasion 2001
  • Artist: A Bad Education
  • Album: The Conquistabores
  • Year: 2015

We're back! With a new logo! And a new guest! Wait, what? A new guest? We haven't even HAD a guest on the show yet!

And what a guest it is as well: it's only Richard Penaluna of Calling Spots magazine! Yes, that Calling Spots that is beloved the world over! He invades the show to join Cameron, Euan, Al and Phil in order to talk about the Invasion WWF PPV! Invades/Invasion, clever right? Anyway, after surmounting a whole bunch of serious technincal issues they finally got together and picked apart the bones of this combined WWF/WCW/ECE show to highlight all the negative. And the positives. There were some. A couple at least.

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