The Conquistabores Episode II: King of The Ring '93

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  • Song Name: The Conquistabores Episode II: King of The Ring '93
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  • Year: 2014

We're back for round two! If they had rounds in US Pro Wrestling! But no matter, as the full compliment of Conquistabores is right here ON THE INTERNET as Euan Taylor has now decided to join Cameron, Phil and Geordie Al to talk about The King of The Ring '93! That's right, the first-ever-inaugural-never-before seen event to crown the first ever-no-really-there-has-never-been-anyone-else King of The Ring! And a cracking show it is as well, and if you agree feel free to drop us a rating and/or a review on iTunes!

Next show we'll be talking about Survivor Series 1995 so if you want to join in with the show give it a watch then email us at our brand new shiny email address at